Women and men

Beyond an industrial adventure, NICE GRID was a meeting of women and men.
All convinced to participate in a unique project and looking to the future.

Acknowledgements to the inhabitants of Carros, business leaders and their staff, elected officials, our partners and our economic and institutional support, suppliers, the GRID4EU team, French and foreign visitors to the showroom.

Acknowledgements to all the employees of the 10 companies of the Consortium.


Project Manager Operations, EDELIA

Julien managed the operations in Edelia, from telephone prospecting to exploitation of the digital services as the consumption monitoring portal, including the deployment of the remote control equipments and the subscription of experimenters to one of the Nice Grid pilots.


Research Engineer, EDF R&D

Armelle conducted statistical studies with metering data provided by residential customers taking part in the NICE GRID experiment. The objective of these studies was to better understand customer consumptions in two ways: Load reduction during the winter peak hours (6-8PM) ; Load-shifting to summer sunshine hours (12-4PM).

The success of NICE GRID rests upon the commitment of participants in the project, whose awareness of environmental issues led them to give up some of their comfort to change their power usage.

Frederic ARNAULT

Smart Grid mission head, EDF Commercial Department

Since summer 2013, Frederic led the entire relationship with households involved in the NICE GRID project. From recruitment campaign to the end, through many events management during those 3 years, he was the sole contact for over 300 prosumers.

A real project with real customers! But the real innovation was the behavioral implications of these households that appropriated effortlessly all experiments.

Christophe ARNOULT

Project Director NICE GRID, Enedis

Involved in the project from the very beginning, Christophe set up the NICE GRID consortium and participated in the design of its objectives. He chaired the Strategic Steering Committee and presented NICE GRID as well as Grid4eu to energy companies involved in Distributed Energy Resources all around the world (India, USA, China…).

NICE GRID is not only a technical success, it is also an anticipation of the network of the future, accommodating seamlessly a great amount of renewable generation but also involving the customer himself.

Philippe AUTIE

LV grid operation technician, Enedis

Philippe contributed to the installation, grid connection, commissioning and operation of new equipments on the grid such as storage systems.


Researcher at the European Institute for Energy Research, EDF-KIT EEIG

Since the beginning of the project, Till together with his colleague Jonathan van der Kamp undertook to assess the key performance indicators (KPI) related to the environment of the NICE GRID demonstrator, notably the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts on human health avoided by improved air quality.

The NICE GRID demonstrator project only consisted one element in the transition to the smart electricity grid which in turn has a much larger environmental benefit potential than what could be assessed in the course of the project.

Véronique BEILLAN

Research Engineer, EDF R&D

Véronique conducted the sociological evaluation of the experiment from households. Regular meetings with participants based on interviews and panel discussions helped to understand the motivations, action logics and practices implemented by households to meet the solar integration objective in the neighborhood. These have also helped to change in real time experimentation devices in response to the expectations expressed.

NICE GRID has amended the report to household energy and their status of consumer. Customers agreed to “shake up” their lifestyles and their consumption practices to meet the electrical network needs and help integrate solar production in their neighborhood.


As one of the pioneers of NetSeenergy, Alain put his relational and technical efficiency and technology for the NICE GRID project.

This adventure is based on values that we hold dear namely, customer satisfaction, transparency and proximity: significant assets for this innovative and technical subject.


Project engineer, Enedis

Attached to the NICE GRID team while taking on a Master of Advanced Studies at MINES ParisTech, Pierrick has been involved in most of the ongoing work and operations, from the technological challenges to the strategy and communication. Effort has been particularly put on the technical specifications of the pilot architecture as well as the associated energy management systems.

Smart Grid pilot projects have long been under the spotlight since their outcomes are key for the future of the French power industry. NICE GRID was no exception!

Florence BUI

Research Engineer, EDF R&D

Florence conducted qualitative studies with companies participating in the experiment NICE GRID. These studies aimed to understand the implementation modalities and the social acceptability of the principle of load reductions carried out in winter and summer.

NICE GRID was a wonderful project at the crossroads of technology, research and human needs. It brought together specialists in various fields pertaining to energy, a very important topic today and for the future.


Residential customer

Taking part into the NICE GRID demonstration project was a real choice among Butaud family whch decided to invest in solar panels on their roof. Thus they were able to test a battery and participate in the “Smart Solar Equipment” offer.

It was curiosity that led us, with my wife, to NICE GRID demonstration project. And I find it clever by involving the clients to deal with their own energy difficulties.

Florian CARDE

Responsible for the operational base “Plan du Var”, Enedis

Integrating the NICE GRID project for the grid connection of couplers for the Broadband Powerline (BPL) communication infrastructure on the medium voltage grid, Florian supervised installation and testing on the field.

The use of electronics-based devices and high frequencies, as well as the grid connection of PV generation at a large scale and batteries, bring a new and different view over the operation and maintenance of the distribution grid


Research engineer, EDF R&D (EIFER)

Based on his experience of other demonstration projects in France and Germany, Maxime brought his expertise from the beginning for the assessment’s specifications of the project. He then coordinated the report on the final results analysis.

Coordinating many different partners for the results analysis was a challenge, nevertheless to me it shows the innovative and pioneering aspects of the project, which managed to gather such a variety of stakeholders toward a common goal!


NICE GRID project was a great success at the service of the territory of Carros, NCA metropolis and voluntary project clients. It embodies the commitment of all Enedis employees, companies of the consortium and all partners. Beyond the human adventure, it is a technical success for all solutions tested during the 4 years. All the lessons learned allow Enedis to project into the future which will be digital in the service of the energy transition.


Geneviève ensured the participation of the companies and one local authority within the experimentation of load shedding in winter and summer.
After development of the selection criteria and sales leaflet of recruitment, she pre-targeted the interesting C&I sites then ensured the preliminary talks and, if necessary, accompanied the partners at the time of the later visits.. She worked out and makes sign conventions then accompanied the companies signatories (participants) during the successive periods of request. Lastly, she produced the assessments and took care of the implementation of the contractual commitments.

Christian CERANA

LV grid operation technician, Enedis

Christian contributed to the installation, grid connection, commissioning and operation of new equipments on the grid such as storage systems. Furthermore, he took part into the islanding tests.


Arrived in 2013, Olivier was involved in the establishment of NICE GRID within the waste recovery facility AZUREO. Privileged interlocutor by his position, he has contributed to the implementation of the project on the concerned site, to the fulfillment of commitments and to the analysis of the good results.

The waste recovery facility is a national showcase. Quality, safety and the environment are very important to us. It was important to be associated with this ambitious NICE GRID project to optimize the use of electricity in an environmentally responsible manner.


Project manager, EDF R&D

As project manager, Benoit has coordinated the researchers team responsible for the design of technical solutions deployed into customers homes (batteries, smart hot water tanks …) and algorithms enabling EDF to control these devices remotely. Benoit also oversaw the assessment of impacts of the demonstrator at the energy level, economical, environmental and sociological.

NICE GRID showed consumer engagement to act in favor of the energy transition: residential customers and businesses have voluntarily modulated their consumption and accepted an automated management of their equipment and additional batteries to boost, in particular, the development a local solar generation. The efficiency and complementarity of human and technical solutions have been proven.


Smart Grid Engineer, GE Grid Solutions SAS

Benoit has joined the NICE GRID project in 2015 taking the technical lead of the developments performed by GE and participating to the implementation of the Network Energy Manager. Besides, his activities have included the management of the working group defining the software architecture used in NICE GRID. Currently, Benoit is in charge of coordinating the experimentation sessions of the project.

The integration of renewable energy resources within the network poses new challenges that NICE GRID has successfully addressed, leading to building today the smart grids of tomorrow.


Project Manager, Saft

Jean-Michel has coordinated the design, realization and the deployment of the different battery storage systems. He also ensured the interfacing with the different power conversion systems, and supervised the installation and testing all along the project.

If you can’t predict the future, do it!

Rodolphe De BEAUFORT

Smart Grid Business Development Leader, GE

Rodolphe joined the project in 2013, and actively contributed to the project dissemination, hosting international delegation visits, presenting NICE GRID in numerous professional conferences and working into its smooth integration into European regulation. Rodolphe is in charge of Business Development in GE Grid Solution’s Smart Grid Strategy Team, addressing emerging needs for strategic customers within Network Operator, Industries and Smart Cities segments.

NICE GRID project is a worldwide reference, demonstrating operationally and for the first time a local grid congestion solving mechanism using transactional flexibility bids.

Jean Christophe DELVALLET

Clients and Territories Director, Enedis

Responsible for innovation within Enedis Méditerranée, and as such, in charge of the project team coordinating the NICE GRID Consortium, Jean Christophe managed all human and material resources mobilized for this project within Enedis. As former CEO of the Capénergies technological cluster, he also contributed to the international visibility of NICE GRID.

A well balanced Consortium, associating large industrial groups, innovative SMEs and research labs, around highly motivated teams all focused on ambitious targets, here is the recipe for success !


Innovation projects director, SOCOMEC

Giovanny has designed and implemented the 33 kW / 106 kWh storage solution and the islanding solution, featuring work including power converters SUNSYS PCS².


Consultant, Accenture

GRID4EU project (the European Smart Grids megaproject including NICE GRID) in the framework of a mission of Accenture. His role was to ensure the dissemination of achievements and results of the project to the largest number of relevant stakeholders. Beyond the management of several communication tools of the project, he contributed, for NICE GRID, to the organization of around 40 events in the whole world and to the writing of around 20 articles in the most prestigious publications of the sector.

More than 10.000 visitors in the NICE GRID showroom, more than 100.000 sessions in the websites of GRID4EU and NICE GRID, an Award of excellence from the International Energy Agency… NICE GRID acted as a showcase of the French know-how in the Smart Grids sector.


NICE GRID project engineer, Enedis

Arrived in June 2013, Thomas coordinated as project engineer the deployment of storage systems on the grid as well as islanding tests.
Local contact for the GRID4EU project, he took part into results analysis and contributed to the reputation of the project at international scale.

The success of NICE GRID is above all a human success, both at our technicians level who were able to quickly embrace new technologies of smart grids , and at the level of consumers becoming prosumers.


Research Engineer, EDF Lab

Mathilde took part in the economic analysis of the project (Cost Benefit Analysis) since her arrival at EDF Lab in April 2012. It was a team work in which she was involved with other colleagues at EDF Lab (Florent Chiappini & Henry-Pierre Demay) and other members of the consortium.

Working on this project allowed me get a better grasp of the challenges face by the different stakeholders of the electric sector and understand the importance of a shared vision.


Paul D contributed to the communication of the NICE GRID project throughout all the year 2015. He was specifically in charge of the digital communication of the project: website and social networks.
He also participated in the organization of the key events of the year such as the international conference “Les Réseaux du Futur et le Futur des Réseaux” in Nice, the Smart City Forum in Marseille or the European Utility Week 2015 in Vienna, Austria.

It’s with pride that i took part in this beautiful project, with international recognition, and exploring real potential for the energy world of tomorrow :  the integration of intermittent energy sources coupled with storage or the new active role of prosumers and smart meters


Smart Grids project manager, RTE Méditerranée

Eric managed the propjet on the Transmission System Operator (TSO) side.

RTE proudly participated to this human and technologic adventure.
NICE GRID proved that is was possible to offer flexibilities that meet the requirements on supply and demand for electricity.


Animateur AMA Nice, Enedis 

Since the beginning of 2012, Eric contributed to the installation of meters, concentrators and the checking of storage grid protection within strategic secondary substation of the project.

Glad to have taken part into NICE GRID, a unique and innovative project paving the ways for the future electrical grid.


Project manager, Edelia

Flavien joined the consortium in October 2015 as a project manager, he was able to coordinate the B2C aggregation platform managed by Edelia.
He also participated in the management of exchanges with the Enedis platform; he also participated in the management of the ecosystems materials and removal at the end of the project.

Guillaume FOGGIA

Smart Grid Engineer, GE

Since 2012, Guillaume contributed to the design and development of the software platform, deployed on the distribution operator IS and ensuring the orchestration of the demonstration processes as well as the supervision of some resources like the distribution storage systems. He participated too in the dissemination of the innovative concepts of the project worldwide.

Providing an easy access to new information to each actor of the system shall enable them to act in concordance with the state of the network, and hence to help the integration of renewable energy. NICE GRID brings valuable lessons for the future.


Project manager, Enedis

Alain is responsible for the development of electric mobility (AVEM vice president), city councilor , Delegate for Sustainable Development for the city of Cagnes-sur-Mer , and has organized numerous visits of delegations from technicians and politicians  at NICE GRID.

I noticed increasingly the link between electric mobility and smart grids, and I appreciated the good perception and expectations of different visitors to the NICE GRID Showroom.

Jean Claude GAMBINI

LV grid operation technician, Enedis

Jean Claude contributed to the installation, grid connection, commissioning and operation of new equipments on the grid such as storage systems.


GRID4EU project coordinator, Enedis

Remy coordinated one of the largest Smart Grids projects in Europe: GRID4EU (€54M of budget, 6 demonstrators in 6 different European countries serving 275,000 consumers): NICE GRID is the French brick of this project. He ensured in particular the successful cooperation of a consortium of 27 partners from 15 different countries during 51 months. This project engendered more than 60 industrial deployments or R&D projects and 2 patents.

Smart Grid technologies will allow the grid to better adapt to the dynamics of renewable energy and distributed generation, helping utilities and consumers to easily access these resources and reap the benefits.


Responsible for service operation, SAFT

Responsible for service operation, Olivier ensured with his team installation, commissioning and maintenance of the lithium-ion batteries deployed by SAFT in the NICE GRID project. He is the man on site who is carrying responsibility for proper field operation of the batteries, knowing that those come along in 4 different sizes and configurations.

The NICE GRID experiment was the opportunity to demonstrate the technical and human feasibility of energy storage. Looking forward for the next step!


NICE GRID project ambassador, Enedis

Since September 2013, Pascal contributed to animate the project showroom and to promote the project towards various audiences, from residential customers, to politicians, staff or leader of large companies. Furthermore, living in a solar district of Carros, he has been an active “prosumer”.

NICE GRID project was for me a double adventure, as local correspondent of the project for Enedis and “prosumer’, allowing me for gathering a strong expertise on smart grids.

Pierre Emmanuel GOUDET

Project manager, nke Watteco

Since the project began Pierre Emmanuel is responsible for the design and integration of radio sensors and actuators used downstream of the Linky meter. The products implemented, driven by the Enedis information system, are embedded in electric “micro grid” systems, allowing management of flexibilities of consumption and storage.

The feedbacks of NICE GRID project’s have contributed to the improvement of the 6LoWPAN and LoRa radio products developed by nke Watteco.


Technical Director and R&D manager, AUGIER SAS

Head of new projects and products of the company, Raymond associated AUGIER to the NICE GRID experimentation at two levels: As a partner provider of dimmers for energy saving in public lighting, and as an industrial experimenter on its own equipment.

NICE GRID is a pragmatic and real smart grids experiment. It is a springboard of development for who has the ambition to participate in large-scale energy management, with the will to be present on the international scene.


The Guisti couple wished to be involved throughout the NICE GRID demonstration. Ideally located in an area allowing them to participate in both the summer and winter experiments, it was able to contribute to “Electirc Heating Control” and “Smart Water Tank” offers.

A pride of having participated in a useful and simple project whose findings should be beneficial for the future. And if necessary to start again I’ll say yes immediately.

Isabelle JALMAIN

NICE GRID Project Manager, EDF

Since 2013, Isabelle Jalmain was in charge of the NICE GRID Project for EDF. EDF has brought together the expertise of commercials, researchers and its subsidiaries EDELIA and NETSEENERGY to reach the goal of this ambitious project.

An ambitious project, a united team, motivated consumers are the keys of this success story that is drawing the energy landscape of tomorrow!


GRID4EU project engineer, Enedis

Adel contributed to GRID4EU project which NICE GRID is the French brick. He was able to ensure in particular the relationship with the European Commission, participate in the drafting of deliverables, manage budget monitoring of the project and contribute to the international fame of the project.

More than 6 demonstrators collaborating together, GRID4EU is also more than 250 different persons involved in the project.  Almost 70 people full time during more than 51 months. It is a kind of a small company with more than 13 different nationalities with no real line management. So collaboration is really key!


Testing engineer, EDF R&D

Loïc has developed and coordinated the islanding tests which have been performed on the Concept Grid platform at EDF Lab.
The diversity of the islanding tests allowed to evaluate the storage system performances and its functional capabilities, under normal and disturbed conditions. This enabled successful implementation in Carros.

The Concept Grid team is particularly proud of its contribution to the success of an ambitious and innovative project. NICE GRID has allowed to experiment innovative solutions and technologies for tomorrow’s network.


Smart Grid Innovation Director, GE Grid Solutions

Saïd has been part of the core team who set up the NICE GRID consortium back in 2011, defining its innovation content, industrial and funding schemes. Saïd is an innovation catalyst and business developer, with strong IT/OT background and expertise in energy automation and management solutions. He sits within the smart grid strategy team of GE Grid solutions, and plays an active role in defining new smart grid solutions, in partnership with internal business lines, strategic customers and industrial, academic partners world-wide.

Sylvain KREMER

Design Leader – Embedded Software, SOCOMEC

Since May 2014 at Socomec, Sylvain has designed the islanding controller. He developed the embedded firmware in charge of synchronization and coupling between the grid and micro-grid. He also participated to the system commissioning.

The NICE GRID success opens the way to new modes of power management through intelligent and autonomous micro-grid.

Antoine LANÇON

National Referent of the project, Enedis

Member of the National Smart Grid project, Antoine advised and supported the project manager. He supported the arbitration and posture needs expressed by the project. He mobilized and coordinated national experts, for example when validating deliverables. Finally, he organized the communication of results at company headquarters.

We do science with facts, as is a house with stones, but an accumulation of facts is no more a science than a heap of stones is a house. Henri Poincarré

Julien LAYE

Contract manager, Enedis

Julien managed Enedis teams and suppliers for the execution of works beyond the ordinary scope of the company, such as the installation of batteries on the grid.

Be inventive for an innovative project

Christophe LEBOSSE

Project Manager, Enedis

Christophe joined the project at its launch in November 2011, he followed all the steps from the first requirements to the analysis of the results.

NICE GRID has opened a new track, the sensation of exploring a virgin land was a fantastic experience.

Henri-Philippe LEPAGE

Production manager, CMC MALONGO

Contacted by Geneviève Ceragioli early 2013, he was immediately delighted by this operation and was the first signatory on 24 April.

This must be a success in order for our “département” not to be in the dark because the only black that we want for our “département” is the ” little black ” issue of fair trade in our Company.


Innovation and Development Director, EDF

Since 2010, he participated in the writing of the answer to the AMI of the ADEME and to the call FP7 of the EC. Patrick is in charge of the development and in charge of the innovation and builds the program of “the city of the future” for EDF in the Mediterranean Sea.

NICE GRID is the front page of a book on our energy future.


Marketing Manager, Saft

Responsible for business development of energy storage systems, Michael was in charge of the operational management of the project for Saft since its launching in 2012. Thus, he contributed to defining the objectives of the storage part of the project, coordinated the deployment of the different lithium-ion battery systems and ensured communication of results to the different stakeholders.

NICE GRID has shown the important role of energy storage for our future distribution grids, performing various functions at different levels of teh grid. Understanding the needs and constraints of an operator like Enedis was a fruitful learning process for us.

Delphine LOUISE

Manager, Enedis

Since 2013, Delphine has been managing both technicians and managers in charge of implementing electric meters in the city of Carros. She especially focused her efforts on putting the customer relationship at the heart of her teams’ work, while considering every customer as an essential lever for the success of our smart grid of tomorrow.

NICE GRID, what a great human adventure for the electrical distribution!


Responsible communication, Enedis

During 5 years, with agreement of the 9 communication responsible  of the consortium, Cecile has built the communication strategy to increase NICE GRID’s notoriety in France and at international level.

I lived a rich experience, with beautiful meetings. Trust, listening and pleasure punctuated our communication works. I would like to thank all those who have accompanied me in this adventure.


R&D firmware department, Socomec

Marco worked since 2011 at Socomec in Italy for the development of the firmware of converter for renewable energy applications.
For NICE GRID, he developed the algorithms for the energy storage converter SUNSYS PCS², in particular for management of battery system.
He participated also to the tests of application and the final validations at the Concpet Grid laboratory in Paris and Carros.

Working with Enedis and EDF R&D has been a very positive experience. Level of innovation introduced with NICE GRID Project has been an important motivation that has led to final success.


AMA Nice, Enedis

Since late 2013, Laure has contributed to the installation of meters, concentrators and storage protections in strategic secondary substations for the experimentation.

A great opportunity to start my career with our participation in this innovative project ! I remain attentive and curious about the evolution of this concept in our network.


LV grid operation technician, Enedis

Steeve contributed to the installation, grid connection, commissioning and operation of new equipments on the grid such as storage systems. Furthermore, he took part into the islanding tests.


Smart Grid project engineer, Enedis

Kevin joined NICE GRID project on april 2012 and worked for Enedis on following work packages : smart meters, Information System, Data mining and Telecoms.
His main achievements are the deployment of 2 500 smart meters in Carros and the installation of broadband PLC communication.

NICE GRID project allowed the experimentation of several innovative smart grids solutions on a small area. We could imagine that some of these solutions will be installed all over the world in the next few years.


Smart Grid Team Leader, GE

Nicolas joined the project in 2012. He has driven the development and deployment of the NEM as the new solution dedicated to distributed energy resources and flexibility management for the system operator. He has also ensured the alignment of the platform to data exchange standards (such as CIM and OpenADR) and its overall convergence with others smart grid projects in GE.

The success of the NICE GRID project shows the capability for an operator to use new energy resources in order to facilitate the connection of renewable genration to the network.

Jérôme PATTE

Poste, Entreprise : EHS Director, VIRBAC

Since his arrival in 2010, Jérôme has brought the environment at the heart of Virbac’s concerns. So, the NICE GRID project allowed him to provide a responsible-eco aspect, by the implementation, with the Technical Department of the company and EDF, of technical means for power demand reduction on numerous facilities that don’t impact the process.

The operation NICE GRID allowed to federate the most important companies of the Carros-Le Broc industrial area. It’s above all a eco-citizen approach and as such, it’s relayed to every employees.

Christine PELLEN

Chef de projet Réseaux Electriques Intelligents, RTE

Christine managed the project on the Transmission System Operator (RTE) side. RTE was among others in charge of load shedding requests in winter.

RTE is proud to be a partner of NICE GRID . This ambitious project permitted to define and quantify the flexible means that can help it in its missions:  to ensure in real time the balance between load and supply and to ensure the security of supply.


Technical deputy director, Enedis

Arrived in January 2014, Chloe ensured the steering of the project. Among others, Chloé managed the project team, settled strategic issues and contributed to the visibility of the project and the dissemination of its results.

We can affirm that NICE GRID demonstrator is a success: by its ability to have developed and installed all the initially foreseen innovative equipments and by the conclusions resulting from the proceeded tests.

Marie-Annick RADIGOIS

Already highly experienced with energy savings, Marie-Annick was looking forward to such a project to expand her commitment and measure its economical impact. She would have done even more if she could! His domestic profile has enabled her to become involved in the experiment “Behavioural load management”.

I’ve always been interested in energy savings and NICE GRID was a way for me to check my understanding. Although I always paid attention, here I shifted my heating system to avoid consumption peaks between 6 and 8 PM.

Jean-Jacques ROUSSEAU

Jean-Jacques and his family were aware of renewable energy since they were already producers of photovoltaic electricity. Soon they registered for experimentation “Smart Water Tank” and to test a battery-based storage by participating in “Smart Solar Equipment”offer.

NICE GRID led us to change our daily habits, including asking children to change their practices. It is not binding and it makes us save energy.


Research Engineer, EDF R&D

Mélaine contributed to defining and modelling the Business and System Use cases of the demonstrator : Reduce power demand, manage maximized PV production on LV network, and islanding. She also tested smart meters with peak demand signals for the project’s need.

Participating actively to the use cases definition and then seeing these functionalities being implemented on the field is extremely stimulating and rewarding.


Smart Grid Strategy Leader, GE Grid Solutions

Laurent has been one of the key initiator and sponsor of the NICE GRID project back in 2011, building a visionary model for future grids operations in collaboration with Enedis’s innovation leaders.
Laurent Schmitt is the Smart Grid Strategy Leader at Grid Solutions a GE and Alstom joint venture, in GE’s Energy Management business. He joined GE’s Grid Solutions, when it was formed in 2015 after 18 years in several positions within Alstom.

NICE GRID is a fantastic human adventure with incredible talents throughout all consortium members as well as project stakeholders and final users. It is a main reference in the Smart Grid community that has already influenced many advanced initiatives in both US, Europe and Asia.


Mayor of Carros

The city of Carros is strongly committed to a sustainable development approach. Energy savings is an essential part of our actions. The Nice Grid project completes perfectly our strategy offering residents of several districts of the city the opportunity to install smart meters, solar panels and batteries. They will be able to experience a smarter management of energy and be the precursors of a system that is bound to a bright future at national and international level. The city of Carros is proud to contribute to the development of an innovative and ambitious technology project serving electricity consumers, economic development and protection of the planet.

Sophie BLANC

Dispatcher, RTE

Sophie coordinated with Nicolas Carno the real-time actions of the operators of the dispatching on the platform. Interlocutors on the project, they fed the experience feedback of the test campaign.

This project allows RTE to accompany the local initiatives regarding smartgrid.

Nicolas SPANO

LV grid operation technician, Enedis

Nicolas contributed to the installation, grid connection, commissioning and operation of new equipments on the grid such as storage systems.


Research Engineer, EDF R&D

Nan participated in the development of the computational core of optimization in the NICE GRID project. She also analysed and achieved a report about the performance of the platform with real data obtained in three seasons of experimentation in Nice.

NICE GRID of today shows a thumbnail of the Smart Grid of tomorrow.

Eliseo TISO

R&D firmware department, Socomec

Eliseo worked since 2011 at Socomec in Italy for the development of the firmware of converter for renewable energy applications.  For NICE GRID, he developed the algorithms for the energy storage converter SUNSYS PCS², an innovative approach developed by Socomec in order to match Enedis requests for Islanding. He followed all phases of the project, starting from the development of the solution until the final tests and validations in Paris and Carros.

I really enjoyed collaborating with technical team of Enedis and EDF R&D and having the opportunity to see our products working in EDF laboratories and in NICE GRID microgrid.


System development engineer, SAFT

Within the engineering team, Nicolas was in charge of the batteries systems design and their integration with the power conversion systems.


Project manager, Enedis

Arrived in April 2011, Déborrah managed the redaction of the consortium agreement between the 10 project participants.
In charge as well of the project communication, she designed and conceived the NICE GRID show room, a valuable technological showcase for the project.

NICE GRID is a human adventures, between men and women from different horizons with touching personalities.


Responsable technico-commercial SUD EST, Netseenergy 

As one of the pioneers of NetSeenergy, Alain put his relational and technical efficiency and technology for the NICE GRID project.

Innovation and agility at the heart of NetSeenergy DNA helped ensure the load shedding of customers, getting them operational and expected gains.

Sébastien VILBOIS

Project Manager, EDF R&D

Sébastien started working on the project as the engineer responsible for the electric protection plan for connecting the storages, before taking the lead of the R&D contribution especially regarding measurements and analysis of the islanding experiment as well as load forecasting to ensure a proper management of the supply/demand balance.

The NICE GRID project is a perfect illustration of the support from R&D to the EDF Group subsidiaries for the implementation of innovative solutions with always more energy coming from renewable sources.

Anh VU

SmartCities Program Manager, Enedis 

As Enedis SmartGrid Program Manager, Anh VU was responsible for driving the design phase of NICE GRID project: main objectives and scope of work definition, technical and financial documents elaboration, coordination of the partners.


Project Engineer, Enedis

Yoann started in April 2014. He first coordinated the installation of the residential storage systems and evaluated their impacts on the grid.
Later on, he took part in the economic analysis of the project (Cost Benefit Analysis).

The technical and human challenges that were successfully tackled by NICE GRID give us a better understanding of the future evolutions of the electric system.