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NICE GRID, French brick of the GRID4EU project

The European project GRID4EU

Funded by the European Commission with € 25 millions, this project, whose cost is estimated at € 54 millions, was one of the first European projects in the field of smart grids.

It contributed to test the potential of smart grids in the field of renewable energy integration, development of electric vehicles, networks automation, energy storage, energy efficiency, islanding and active demand management.

  • Final event of GRID4EU, January 2016

Key figures

6 European electricity distributors involved in the project

(Distributing more than 50% of the electricity fed in Europe)

27 partners (manufacturers, energy suppliers, research institutes, universities)

• Project duration: 4 years (November 2011 – January 2016)

• Project Coordinator: Enedis

• Technical Project Director: ENEL

• President of the General Assembly: IBERDROLA

The Showroom, a window open to the international level

An innovative space

The innovative space of 200 m² has been specifically designed to accommodate the general public, local authorities, professionals and the scientific community using interactive teaching.

Opened in August 2013, the showroom has hosted more than 8,000 visitors, 20% of foreign visitors, a place conducive to international trade with Chinese delegations, Russian, American, etc.

Discover the project through the official e-book NICE GRID,
and dive into the heart of the showroom !

  • Touch wall with the materials used in the project.

  • Touch wall with the materials used in the project.

  • Presentation on giant screen at the showroom.

  • Discover the expertise and innovation of each partner.

The interactive wall

Touch wall with hardware implemented in private,
in the industrial and electricity distribution network.

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Showroom Opening

Experience the highlights of the inauguration


Guided tour showroom

NICE GRID winner of ISGAN awards

ISGAN Award of Excellence

The ISGAN (International Smart Grid Action Network) launched by 23 countries in Washington in 2010 aims to promote and accelerate progress in the area of smart grids. Its action is located in the framework of the International Energy Agency (IEA). The participating countries are represented by their respective governments.

The ISGAN Award of Excellence, true international competition of smart grid projects, rewards prosumers engagement in project development and testing of smart grids in the world.

The results of the ISGAN Award of Excellence 2015, releases May 12, 2014 in Seoul, South Korea, formalized the important position of NICE GRID in the development of smart grids by naming the project as one of eight finalists contest, over 40 international projects on the theme of consumer engagement.

On May 27th 2015, at the Clean Energy Ministerial (G20 of Ministers of Energy) in Mexico, an international jury of recognized experts of Smart Grid, led by Dr. Ronnie Belmans, Executive Director of the Global Smart Grid Federation, selected among the 14 nominated projects from more than 100 nominations, GRID4EU, as the best example of excellence in “the integration of renewable energies.” With its integration process for photovoltaic generation, the demonstrator NICE GRID has largely contributed to this victory on the topics of the renewable energy integration.

  • The ISGAN Award of Excellence

  • Ceremony of ISGAN Award 2016, Mexico, in May 2015

Webinar ISGAN

International conferences

Throughout the life of the project, the consortium members are heavily engaged in events and international exhibitions.

European Utility Week

In November 2015 the demonstrator NICE GRID and its partners were at the European Utility Week in Vienna, Austria. This major event in Europe smart grid gathers each year more than 10 000 visitors from around the world (77 countries represented in total).

  • European Utility Week

  • European Utility Week

European Utility Week


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The International Congress of Electrical Distribution Networks or CIRED is a global association in the field of electricity distribution. Since 1971, CIRED allows the meeting of stakeholders in the field of electrical power distribution: researchers, manufacturers, users, standardization bodies, etc.

In 2015, at the CIRED conference in Lyon, NICE GRID has been selected to present a paper and a poster related to the integration of photovoltaic generation on the distribution grid.

In 2016, during the CIRED workshop in Helsinki, NICE GRID has been selected on three topics: islanding tests in laboratories, islanding tests in Carros, and the “prosumers’.

The islanding paper was selected with 17 other publications among 400 candidates to be presented at this workshop.

GE Grid Solutions Side Event at CIRED, Lyon, June 2015

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DistribuTECH is the most important conference of the electricity sector. In February 2016 in Orlando, it hosted over 11 300 professionals.

NICE GRID has had the privilege of being selected for a presentation on the integration of photovoltaic generation on the distribution network. In addition, NICE GRID spoke at a session organized by GE related to the feedback of the operation of the Network Energy Manager (NEM).

Distributech, San Diego 2015

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